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Independently owned and operated since 1963 eye health and quality examinations are our number one priority. Without vision, frame aesthetics aren't required! So we utilise state of the art equipment. We utilise Optical Coherence Tomography, retinal photography, optos wide field photography, treat dry eye with Intense pulse laser(IPL), assess corneal disorders with three dimensional corneal mapping and more….We like professional toys. 

We assess all the commonly known disorders and so much more you are not expected to know.


A slow progressing disease that damages the optic nerve and reduces peripheral vision. Glaucoma is very treatable but the treatment cannot reverse damage only slow it down so early detection is vital.


Commonly referred to as ‘wet or dry’. A disease that typically degenerates your central vision. Utilising advanced imaging with OCT, the latest advanced retinal photos with auto fluorescence we can even detect macular degeneration before any symptoms of visual problems.


Like looking through a cloudy/smokey window, it occurs inside the natural lens of the eye. If significant an Ophthalmologist will remove and offer options to correct your vision in the process. Very simple to assess and highly successful to treat with the professional and highly capable surgeons available in Perth


People often underestimate the lifestyle impact of dry eye disease. We don't just assess causes of dry eye, a chronic condition not age specific and may be environmental, dietry and/or medical. We will attempt to treat the underlying cause.

At our Subiaco practice we have E Eye IPL. Dry eye is often caused by the oil glands (known as meibomian glands) not producing the oily part of your tears. The E Eye IPL emits light that stimulates the nerves attached to your meibomian glands to help them regain function. This safe and effective treatment can greatly help with the discomfort and visual effects caused by dry eye reducing the reliance on drops.


Although there is no cure for myopia (short sightedness) there is a lot of research into how to slow its progression in children. We know that high level myopia poses risks to eye health in later life. Here at Specialeyes we are invested and skilled in many interventions that can slow the progression of myopia in children including: Atropine eye drops, specialised contact lenses, orthokeratology and myopia control spectacles.


Early detection can be essential for prevention of permanent damage, prevention or simply delaying a childs development. The statistics indicate 20% of children struggle with undetected vision problem. Typically no obvious symptoms and detectable without a thorough professional optometry examination. Examinations are tailored for the individuals ability and typically involves a thorough assessment similar to adults with less focus on the obvious pathology concerns not seen in children. With early detection/correction it assists with normal visual development and schooling. It may be visual training or spectacles.

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